Heel Protectors

  • Slippy Heel Protectors WWHCS

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    Slippy Heel Protector with Lambswool (in pairs)

    The outer shell is a slippy fabric which enables the patient to move their feet easily in bed and avoid any shear force. The Deep Pile Wool cushions the heel, and is able to absorb moisture to a high degree. There is a touch and close fastening, they can be machine washed and tumble dried. In pairs.  – WWHCS

  • Heel Protectors with 'Cooling' Aperture FFHC-A & FFHC-APU

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    Padded Heel Protectors with a ‘cooling’ aperture for aeration & gives complete elevation from bed surface, available in either cotton or wipe clean material.

    One size fits all.

    • FFHC-A (cotton)
    • FFHC-PU (wipe clean)
  • Real Sheepskin Heel Protectors & Elbow Protectors SWHC

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    Give maximum protection to those at risk. Held in place with a soft strapping and hook and loop, these medical sheepskin products can be machine washed. SWHC

  • Heel Protectors FFHC

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    Fibre filled heels protectors. Hollow fibre inner to reduce the pressure on the heel area, along with high sided bootee wall to protect the ankles for coming in contact with each other. The bootees are manufactured in such a way to help patients with drop foot and malposition. The outer material is an inherently fire retardant with soft foam covered strapping to keep in place. One size fits all. FFHC

  • Heel Protectors & Elbow Protectors - Pure wool Pile WWHC / WWEP

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    Heels & elbows are always at risk from pressure problems. The most popular aid for protection is fitting a simple heel cup in either wool pile or polyester. A soft strap with Velcro will hold the cup in place.

    • Heel Protectors cup type with Velcro (pair) WWHC
    • Elbow Protectors with Velcro (pair) WWEP