• Slippy Heel Protectors WWHCS

    (WWHCS) Slippy Heel Protector (smaller foot)
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    Slippy Heel Protector with Lambswool (in pairs)

    The outer shell is a slippy fabric which enables the patient to move their feet easily in bed and avoid any shear force. The Deep Pile Wool cushions the heel, and is able to absorb moisture to a high degree. There is a touch and close fastening, they can be machine washed and tumble dried. In pairs.  – WWHCS

  • Heel Protectors with 'Cooling' Aperture FFHC-A & FFHC-APU

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    Padded Heel Protectors with a ‘cooling’ aperture for aeration & gives complete elevation from bed surface, available in either cotton or wipe clean material.

    One size fits all.

    • FFHC-A (cotton)
    • FFHC-PU (wipe clean)
  • Real Sheepskin Heel Protectors & Elbow Protectors SWHC

    (SWHC) Sheepskin Heel Protectors
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    Give maximum protection to those at risk. Held in place with a soft strapping and hook and loop, these medical sheepskin products can be machine washed. SWHC

  • Smoking Apron SAP

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    A full fire retardant apron for use in a room, set a side for smokers or on the terrace. Wide enough to cover both knees and chair arms, leaving no side gaps. SAP

  • Palm Protector PPL/PPR

    PP-L highres
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    Palm Protector with Fleece Lining (individual) – To help prevent patients digging their nails into the palms. Made of high density closed cell foam with fleece to the inner layer. Hook & loop on the back to hold in position.

    • PPL(Left)
    • PPR(Right)
  • Leg Trough THS THS-43 THS-61

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    Click on the link to access leaflet: MDR Compliant IFU THS THS43 THS61

    This leg support not only offers comfort in raising the leg but will keep the heel above the bed surface and completely relieves pressure on the heel. THS THS-43 THS-61

  • Foot Elevator FRD / FRDC

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    Foot Elevator to raise foot clear of the bed. This foam ring with top opening raises the heel from bed to
    promote healing with no pressure at all! Available with wipe clean vapour permeable cover or without cover for patient use.

    • Foam ring only – splits for fitting FRD
    • Foam ring with vapour permeable cover FRDC
  • Heel Protectors FFHC

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    Fibre filled heels protectors. Hollow fibre inner to reduce the pressure on the heel area, along with high sided bootee wall to protect the ankles for coming in contact with each other. The bootees are manufactured in such a way to help patients with drop foot and malposition. The outer material is an inherently fire retardant with soft foam covered strapping to keep in place. One size fits all. FFHC

  • Footboard FB1M / FB2D

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    To prevent user from slipping down the bed. Covered in simulated sheepskin. Available for divan beds or metal frame beds, easy and quick to fit any size of bed.

    • Suitable for metal frame beds FB1M
    • Suitable for divan bed FB2D
  • Adult Clothing Protectors TNBS / TNBL

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    Washable clothing protection comes in two sizes and two colours. A deluxe soft brushed poly viscose surface with a superior waterproof backing. Studs or hook and loop fastenings

    • Tartan cotton face – waterproof back (small) TNBS
    • Tartan cotton face – waterproof back (large) TNBL
  • "Sit Right In Bed" BRA

    "Sit Right In Bed" BRA 1
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    The back & arms of a chair make sitting up in bed more comfortable – elbows come into their own. Simulated lambs wool cover and a pocket. BRA

  • Elbow Protectors - 100% Polyester Fleece HPEP

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    100% Hospital quality deep pile polyester elbow protector for comfort and ease of washing and drying – suitable for hospital laundries.

    • Elbow Protectors with Velcro (pair) HPEP
  • Heel Protectors - 100% Polyester Fleece HPHC

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    100% Hospital quality deep pile polyester heel protector for comfort and ease of washing and drying – suitable for hospital laundries.

    • Heel Protectors cup type with Velcro (pair) HPHC
  • Ring Cushion FFCR

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    Hollow fibre inner Ring Cushion with cotton cover FFCR

  • Hollow Fibre Filled Cushions FFWC / FFHHC / FFCC

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    Hollow Fibre Filled Cushions with various cover options.

    • Hollow fibre inner with wipe clean cover FFWC
    • Hollow fibre inner with half wipe clean half cotton cover FFHHC
    • Hollow fibre inner with all F.R. cotton cover FFCC
  • Towelling Clothing Protector TBW

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    Studs to fasten round neck, towelling face, waterproof backing, size 80cm Long (29inches) TBW

  • Triangular Bib TB

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    Triangular Bib